1. How do I rent a moonwalk.

Call (512) 303-4292 and make your reservation.

2. When is my reservation confirmed.

Five days before your reservation date you will be called to confirm.

3. What if it rains?

You will be called on delivery day by your delivery person. You can choose to cancel the order before delivery. After delivery, rental charges will not be refunded.

4. How much space will I need?

A 18'x18' space will suffice for a moonwalk. More space is needed for the slides, check our dimensions and add sufficient space for traffic.

5. Is delivery included with my rental?

Delivery to Bastrop County and Austin City limits is included in the price. Other area might incur a small fee.

6. Is my child too young for a moonwalk.

First birthdays to adults enjoy moonwalks.

7. Are moonwalks safe?

Yes they are. They are fire retardant, fully enclosed and have steps to assist entry and exit. You will sign a release of liabilty contract so it will be your responsibility to watch the children for mischief. Rules are posted on the moonwalk.

8. Can I have my moonwalk in a park?

Yes, check with your parks department first becase some parks prohibit moonwalks. Also, check for electrical outlet availability and reservation requirements. We do rent generators.